BPM & Model Driven Architecture: Taming the Information Explosion

  • Several factors are driving the industry’s move to Business Process Management and the formal modeling and evaluation of business processes.  The most important is the enormous explosion of information available in the world, and the increasing demands for globalized, mobile, agile, connected business processes across newly digital value chains.  The resulting complexity makes integration even harder than it was before — and it was near impossible before.
    There is some hope, however.  That hope is formal modeling, with associated metrics and continuous improvement of processes based on customer and supplier feedback.  That is much easier to achieve, however, when those business models are “live” — that is, rather than simply documenting the business process, they in fact are the business process.  This requires not only formal models, but formal models with well-defined semantics.  The combination of Business Process Modeling with Model Driven Architecture (MDA) promises just that.

    Dr. Soley will discuss the driving factors for BPM and MDA, and discuss standards that support the approach.