WebRatio is a trusted MDD environment for building pure Java business Web applications, with no proprietary run-time. Models are based on BPMN, the standard notation for defining Business Processes, and WebML, a visual and intuitive DSL specifically designed for designing Web applications.

The development process of a WebRatio process is highly iterative. We call it “evolutionary prototyping development cycle”. At any stage of your project, even after a few minutes, you can automatically generate the 100% of your application and test it immediately.  In such way, you will have an immediate feedback of what you have done and you can react accordingly.

WebRatio is targeted to IT departments, Software House and System Integrators  that want use an agile development platform to build or innovate custom business Web applications which can quickly adapt to fast-changing business models and at the same time adopt the most robust and reliable IT standards in terms of architecture, security, scalability.

Since its birth, in 2001, many customers like Acer, UniCredit, HP, ENEL, Dolomiti Energia, and many others used WebRatio for building hundreds of business Web applications, both private and public, see for example www.acer.com.