Soluta.Net offer services for the Business Process Automation and Integration to small and medium interprises. Using state of the art tool-sets the company offers the ability to optimize, trace, control and monitor their Business Processes. The service we offer allows customers to hide the complexity of the back-end systems, giving an overall process driven vision of their business and assets. The current assets, such as ERP, HR, CRM are not affected or retired, they are simply orchestrated by a Business Process Automation Solution. Scaling to improve the processes is not a matter of program development, but rather an effort of process configuration.
We can take care of the entire life-cycle management as a service: process analysis, improvement, design, implementation and integration. Customers can outsource the software and management solution receiving only the benefits. Offering a cloud based solution, we do not bring new systems, hardware in the IT.
A Business Activity Monitor can be used to control the process performance, identifying bottlenecks, delays or areas of improvements.
Beside this, Soluta.Net offers IT Governance consultancy, helping organization to restructure their IT departments that intends to scale model driven approaches, or in general that are seeing solutions for improving operations: our ITILv3 certified experts can fully support customers.

In addition Soluta.Net can be your partner in R&D ICT European Funded Projects projects havingDiconof over 8 years of experience since FP6, it has been involved in over €40Mil worth of projects both IP and STREP.