You need Smarter Software to build a Smarter Planet.
One trillion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2011. Digital data is projected to grow by 10 times in that same period.1 Everything from cars, appliances, roadways, power grids, clothes, and even natural systems such as agriculture and waterways are increasingly instrumented, interconnected and infused with intelligence.

At the heart of this transformation is software that powers today’s systems and processes. It‘s the key to making sense of a smarter planet and harnessing its potential. It can help make businesses, industries, governments – and the world — work better.
IBM Software is built to help build a Smarter Planet.

  • It’s fueled by expertise. Whether it is business expertise, industry expertise or systems expertise, IBM has the unmatched experience and knowledge to understand your needs and help you achieve real results.
  • Built for change. It’s open, easily integrated and flexible.
  • Ready for work. It’s industrial strength and scales to meet your needs, and is proven so in countless applications around the globe.

Smarter Software can help you:

Turn information into insight
A hospital proactively prevents infections and other health issues by capturing and analyzing information in real time.

Connect and collaborate
An audio equipment maker solves problems fast and improves the sound of concerts by connecting experts around the world.

Increase agility
A major European city reduces emergency response time by 25 percent and improves public safety with process transformation and a real-time events reporting solution.

Drive enterprise operational effectiveness and efficiency
A city government repairs things before they break, using an advanced infrastructure management solution.

Deliver innovative products and services
A car manufacturer brings one of the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric cars to market with global, collaborative design processes and advanced simulation.

Manage risk, security and compliance
A cooperative of nearly 8,000 milk producers dramatically reduced the time it takes to bring new users on to its system and made it easier to ensure security and regulatory compliance with an automated identity management solution.
IBM Rational helps you transform how you design, develop and deliver both software and software embedded hardware (e.g. software in cars and phones), to create more innovative products and services, faster than your competition, with lower costs and reduced risk. Explore